Rosaura Rodríguez

Rosaura ~ Co-Founder and Co-Director ~ Artist and educator. Passionate about natural pigments, comics, crafts and special education. Community liaison, coordinates and teaches workshops, manages social media + communications and vermicompost.

Gina Malley Campos

Gina ~ Co-Founder and Co-Director ~ Loves to climb, hike and explore the natural mysteries of Puerto Rico. Outdoor education advocate and organizing mastermind. Coordinates workshops, manages communications, grant writing and herb-food gardens in Tabonuco.

Mario Gracia

Mario ~ Co-Founder and Facilities Manager ~ Woodworker and Artist. Interested in the building and creation potential of natural resources around us. Enjoys food preserving, jamming with the congas and planting trees. Takes care of farm, water systems and infrastructure.

Antonio Rullán

Antonio ~ Co-Founder and Facilities Manager ~ Farmer and Energy Specialist. Passionate about solar energy as a tool for independence. Takes care of farm and sustainable systems, like water, energy and infrastructure. Makes a mean pizza in the cob oven.

Génesis Bauzá

Génesis ~ Honorary intern ~ 13 year old neighbor, participant and helper. Loves to draw, watch youtube and explore the farm. Always eager to help even if it means touching a worm or two.

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